Multinational head logistics

Professional head process logistics

As a comprehensive service platform for cross-border e-commerce, Yuancang provides first-leg transportation services from 6 countries, and its perfect logistics network covers all areas by sea, land and air. It can deliver goods from multiple places and ports, and its timeliness is much higher than the average level of the industry.


Double clear channels, rationalized transportation plan, customized order execution, one-stop to warehouse warehousing shelves, save time and cost sellers, save time and labor, safe, efficient and convenient.


One piece of global shipment in domestic warehouse, loading on the day the goods arrive at the warehouse, automatic operation, the average day can handle millions of orders, a day can load more than 500 containers. Efficient docking, real-time update of logistics track visible, fast customs clearance, for cross-border sellers to enter the local market in Southeast Asia to provide one-stop service.