Southeast Asia cross-border e-commerce one-stop solution expert


Yuancang Overseas Warehouse is the exclusive warehouse brand of Shenzhen Yuanchao Logistics Technology Co., LTD. The core management team has more than ten years of cross-border e-commerce warehousing management experience. Headquartered in South China City, Shenzhen, Yuan Cang has completed 2 rounds of financing. It has built domestic cargo transshipment warehouse and cross-border direct delivery warehouse. Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Singapore have set up warehousing and logistics supporting services.

E-commerce order fulfillment is the core business of Yuancang Overseas Warehouse, which can provide integrated services including domestic direct shipment, cargo collection and transfer, trunk logistics, customs clearance and delivery in destination country, delivery of final delivery, return and order replacement, etc. Yuancang strives to continuously improve the performance quality and performance capacity, and continue to provide cross-border sellers with cost-effective and deterministic cross-border logistics solutions and reduce logistics costs.

  • 10 years+

    First-line industry experience

  • 45000㎡+

    Experience in cross-border position opening management

  • 1 million+

    Daily average can handle millions of orders

Core Business

Oversea location    Physical distribution    System

Southeast Asia Layout

Since its establishment, the company has continued to improve and expand the overseas warehouse layout, and has built a safe, efficient and stable warehousing and logistics system in Southeast Asia, covering Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines,Thailand and Singapore. It provides overseas warehousing services in 6 countries, with a standard e-commerce warehouse area of more than 20,000 square meters. It provides six national head trunk services, covering all areas by sea, land and air, and provides integrated overseas warehousing solutions for the vast number of cross-border e-commerce platforms and sellers. Based on the development status of warehousing and logistics in Southeast Asia, Yuancang Overseas Warehouse plans to set up a five-country warehousing and logistics system in Malaysia, India, Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand in 2023, with more than 20 warehouses with an area of 100,000 square meters and a daily order capacity of 300,000 orders.

Professional head process logistics

As a comprehensive service platform for cross-border e-commerce, Yuancang provides brand agency, commodity distribution and logistics services to help cross-border e-commerce supply chains operate efficiently.


Provide 6 countries head trunk line service, sea, land and air coverage. Southeast Asia trunk logistics double QingZhengqing, sea, land and air 7-10 days to warehouse, can be more than the port delivery.


For cross-border sellers to enter the local market in Southeast Asia to provide goods collection, transfer, order delivery one-stop service.

The OMS/WMS/TMS system in the Yuanbin

In order to provide customers with better service experience, set industry resources and IT advantages, Yuancang Overseas Warehouse continues to invest in IT research and development, build efficient OMS, WMS and TMS systems, has mature cross-border e-commerce ERP solutions and experience, can carry millions of orders, provide menu options from basic products, application products to the whole supply chain. Multi-level realization of customers from single logistics to comprehensive needs, information fragmentation to the whole process of visualization, manual to receive the full link of the Internet platform services.

Corporate Culture

  • Corporate Philosophy

    Religious culture, military culture, school culture, family culture

  • Corporate Mission

    Become the first cross-border e-commerce service brand in Southeast Asia

  • Corporate Purpose

    Improve operational efficiency, reduce customer costs and improve customer satisfaction

  • Core Values

    Customer - centered, strive - based, value - oriented creativity