System independent Research and development

Powerful self - developed system

Independent research and development of OMS, WMS and TMS systems, 10 years of experience in cross-border e-commerce ERP solutions, capable of carrying millions of orders per day.


It provides system support for the whole chain of order, warehouse, logistics, finance and procurement, easy to operate and convenient, and realizes visualization and transparency of the whole process data of customers from order delivery, stock preparation, head logistics, overseas warehouse and finance at multiple levels. The system has the characteristics of intelligent warehousing, intelligent processing of abnormal orders, intelligent stocking, head freight allocation, order profit estimation, accurate calculation of product cost, etc. At the same time, it has multi-dimensional performance and sales reports to provide operation support.


Multi-platform API integration, multi-store daily operation management, multi-channel delivery, multi-warehouse order fulfillment, multi-user management. Meanwhile, the API of Yuancang platform has been opened to the outside world, including a series of interfaces such as orders, warehousing, products, logistics, inventory and finance.